Renew Membership (via Paypal)

If you are becoming a member of TVO for the first time, please fill out the membership form before paying dues.

You can make a payment by check or arrange for credit card payments using this form.

You can pay your dues using Paypal using the dues formulary below to determine your household’s dues for the year and then complete the payment form below.

Income-Based (“Fair Share”) Dues Self Assessment for 2022-2023
Annual Household Income from all Sources X 1.6% of Gross Income =
Suggested “Fair Share” Dues Payment
Example: $40,000 Gross Income X 0.016 (1.6%) = $640 Suggested “Fair Share” Dues

Pay Dues

  • My contribution for 2022-2023:
  • Please type in "90" here so it will register your half-shekel
  • $0.00
    If you click on the "$0.00," it will register your total contribution.
  • When you hit submit, you will automatically be taken to PayPal to complete the payment. Thank you again, for your membership, and for all the ways in which you contribute to our TVO community.

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