Dues Payment

You can download and print the dues form, or fill it out here and use Paypal.

  • Thank you so much to new members for joining us and to returning members for renewing your membership! It means so much to us to have you as a member of the congregation.

    PLEASE ONLY USE THIS FORM IF YOU ARE PLANNING TO PAY USING PAYPAL If you prefer to pay by check, please send it to: Congregation Tikkun v'Or PO Box 3981 Ithaca NY 14852. Please note “ Membership Dues” in the memo.
  • Dues are assessed in two parts: the hetzi-shekel (half-shekel) portion, and a portion determined by an income-based sliding scale.

    The half-shekel portion ($90 per household) is intended to symbolize the equality of all members in the community, regardless of income.

    The income-based (“fair share”) dues are 1.6% of household income from all sources. The sliding scale dues structure reflects our community’s commitment to justice and fairness.

    Please use the dues calculator below to determine your household's dues for the year. And thank you, again.
  • Household Income Annual Payment
    Less than $25,000 1.6% of total income
    $25,000-34,999 $480
    $35,000-44,999 $640
    $45,000-54,999 $800
    $55,000-64,999 $960
    $65,000-74,999 $1,120
    $75,000-84,999 $1,280
    $85,000-94,999 $1,440
    $95,000-104,999 $1,600
    $105,000-114,999 $1,760
    $115,000-124,999 $1,920
    More than $125,000 1.6% of total income
  • My contribution for 2020-2021:
  • Please type in "90" here so it will register your half-shekel
  • $0.00
    If you click on the "$0.00," it will register your total contribution.
  • When you hit submit, you will automatically be taken to PayPal to complete the payment. Thank you again, for your membership, and for all the ways in which you contribute to our TVO community.
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