Adult Ed: Omer

15 May @ 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm

In person at TVO and on Zoom (contact for the link)

Join Rabbi Shifrah for poetry, playfulness, and contemplative practice to enhance your springtime journey from the liberation of Passover to the receiving of wisdom associated with Shavuot. Counting the Omer is a tradition from Judaism loaded with rich symbolism, and attached to a simple 49-day practice. Rabbi Shifrah will share brief poetic meditations and light-hearted stories, and offer tools for engaging in the practice in a meaningful way. Whether you are new to counting the Omer, or a long time practitioner, this will be a fun and engaging opportunity to learn more.

About Counting the Omer: The Omer represents a period in ancient days when the people would travel to the temple in Jerusalem to make offerings from their early spring harvest. Seven weeks later, they would bring an offering from their second harvest. Later, after the destruction of the temples, the counting of seven weeks became associated with the journey from the liberation of Passover to the receiving of Torah represented by Shavuot.

Each day of the Omer is referred to in kabbalistic literature (Jewish mysticism) as a gateway to Divine Presence. These gates serve as spiritual guideposts, an opportunity to re-orient oneself on the trail of life. This offers us fertile spiritual soil in which to notice qualities we may want to nurture, such as kindness, discipline, balance, endurance, awe, and connection. Its agricultural and communal origins also make the Omer an excellent opportunity for considering our relationship to each other, the Earth that sustains us, and the Source and Breath of All Life.