Picnic, Havdalah, Tisha B'Av

06 Aug @ 6:15 pm - 8:30 pm

In person at TVO
Led by Lauren Korfine, Jennie Lavine, and Miranda Phillips

Please join us for that sweet time towards the end of Shabbat:
6:30 picnicking (bring your own)
7:15PM niggunim (wordless traditional melodies)
7:45PM Havdalah: a beautiful traditional ritual with candles, spices and wine -- to say goodbye to shabbat, and to transition into the Tisha B'Av holiday 

8:00: For Tisha b'Av, an opportunity to reflect on sources of grief and loss in our world.

Though this particular occasion is a bit quieter and more reflective due to the holiday, in future months we hope to repeat this Shabbat evening sequence (picnic/niggunim/havdalah), with more instruments and as much energy for Havdalah singing as you'd like to bring to it!Please contact Miranda with any questions: phillipsville@gmail.com