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Each for All is on hold as of March 2020

“Each for All” is a system for helping Congregation Tikkun V’Or members volunteer for tasks throughout the year. It is a simple way for congregants to contribute to maintaining an active, welcoming environment and helps us share the necessary activities that support our congregation. All members are encouraged to sign up at least once each year as a part of their commitment to our vibrant, progressive Jewish community.

Guidelines for helping with special programs and services are at the Each for All signups. Guidelines for hosting a regular Friday night oneg are below:

Hosting an Oneg

Thank you so much for helping this Shabbat!  It is a great service to our community and guests.  We hope you’ll see yourselves not as helpers but as hosts on this occasion, enjoying the tasks below and making Shabbat a pleasure for others.

If you have never brought an oneg… “Oneg” means “delight.” It refers to the wine, challah and snacks we share at the end of a Shabbat service.
Sometimes people who have never brought an oneg to Tikkun v’Or are nervous about not doing things exactly right. Don’t worry! We are a casual and friendly group. Everyone is grateful that you have brought challah and  some snacks and very happy to help you in whatever way they can.
If you are unsure about anything, please do not hesitate to ask.

In Preparation
Expect about 12 people on a typical Friday night (fewer in bad weather, more if something special is planned).

Please Bring:
Challah – one large or two small – available at Wegmans, P&C, Tops, Ithaca Bakery, or make your own!
Snack Food – For example, fruit, veggies and dip, dried fruit and nuts, cookies, cake, crackers and cheese·.  No messy chocolate, popcorn, or other items that are hard to clean off carpet, please!
Wine and grape juice will be available in the kitchen. Check the refrigerator first for open bottles. Extras are on the wire shelving

Before the Service Begins
When to Arrive:
Be sure to come at least 15 minutes early to services to set up before the Shabbat service begins. Either the service leader or a board member will be present to unlock the doors and help open up the building. Tables and chairs will already be set up.
Onegs are usually set up in the back of the sanctuary or on a table in the foyer.  There is usually at least one table in these places on Fridays. (Extra tables are in the closets in the sanctuary.)
There are some tablecloths in a box under the open shelves in the kitchen.

Wine and Juice:
Pour the wine and juice into cups before the service starts:
Find the little ceramic or metal kiddush cups that are in the kitchen (on the large metal shelves). Depending on the number of people at services 10-12 wine cups and 8-10 grape juice cups should be sufficient.
Look for open juice and wine in the fridge before opening new ones.  If need be, new bottles are on the open metal shelves in the kitchen.
Please set up the juice and wine on separate trays. Label each tray with the “wine” or “juice” labels.
Set the large silver Kiddush cup (in a velvet box on the kitchen counter) out, too. Check with the service leader about whether they prefer juice or wine in it.

There is a breadboard (also on the metal shelves). A challah cover should be placed over the uncut challah before services start.
We use as much reusable kitchenware as possible. Serving platters, plates, cups, and silverware are all on the open shelves in the kitchen. Plates and cups are on the bookcase under the window. Depending on what you bring either put out napkins or small plates.

After Services
At the end of services we pass the wine and juice.  People will help you with this.

At the End of Oneg
Please clear the table of all food. You don’t have to do this alone!  We usually help each other. Please feel free to ask for help if no one has offered. All food should be taken home or put in the refrigerator. Please do not leave any open food out in the kitchen.
Any dishes or cups can be washed by hand or loaded in the dishwasher. If you use the dishwasher, soap is under the kitchen sink; please start the washer before you leave.
Sweep the kitchen floor, if needed.
If there are crumbs on the carpet, please use the vacuum (in the office, or kitchen).
Garbage should be put in the garbage cans, and taken out to the large trash cans out the side doors. Recyclables should be rinsed and put in recycling bins in the kitchen or outside. Food scraps can go in the marked bins in the kitchen.

Thank you again!  Our community and guests so appreciate your key help in this way.

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