Core Values

The core values of Congregation Tikkun v’Or (Ithaca Reform Temple) are best described by three words:  

Spirit, Community, and Justice.


At heart, our community embraces living with compassion (rachamim), love (chesed), awe (yirah) , gratitude (hakarat hatov), joy (simcha) and generosity (nedivut)  – Jewish spiritual values that nurture our congregation and each of us as individuals.

We treasure the richness and complexity of our community. Our wide diversity of beliefs and relationships to God are a source of strength and learning. Our congregation is a safe place to share our faith and our doubt as we support one another in our search for meaning and purpose in our lives.

We offer an array of member and rabbi-led religious services on Shabbat and holidays, and educational programs for children and adults.


A caring and loving community, we sanctify and celebrate significant moments in our lives within the framework of Jewish ritual and values. 

We take to heart “my house is a house of prayer for all people” (Isaiah 56:7) and seek to include, rather than exclude. We welcome interfaith families, LGBTQ+ people, and others who have been denied full acceptance in the broader community.  We treasure the members of our congregation who are not Jewish and celebrate the interfaith character of our community.

The final word of the Shema – echad, all one – resonates as we join hands with other faith communities, community organizations and activist groups to fulfill our shared values.  


Inspired by the Prophetic tradition and the historical experience of the Jewish People, we are dedicated to the pursuit of justice and peace, locally and globally. The Torah teaches that humankind was created in God’s image and we honor this inherent godliness in each person.

Toward that end our community actively seeks to promote racial and economic justice for all, resist Islamophobia, encourage education and dialogue about Israel and Palestine, support refugees in our community, feed the hungry, and protect the environment.   

We are dedicated to justice, equality, human rights, and security for people all over the world, and specifically for all Israelis and Palestinians. We are committed to an open and respectful dialogue about these issues and welcome those who feel excluded or silenced by other Jewish communi

ties because of their opinions. Our congregation is enriched by the multiplicity of views of our members. 

Spirit, Community and Justice” are integrated into all aspects of the life of our congregation.  


May we be blessed to witness the day when  “love and truth will meet, justice and peace will kiss.”  (Psalms 85:11).

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