Dues Structure

Tikkun v’Or Member Contributions: Three-Part Financial Structure

Congregation Tikkun v’Or raises the funds we need through dues, gifts and fees. Our financial structure is inspired by traditional Jewish values of fairness, dignity, inclusivity and generosity.


Finances should never be a barrier to Tikkun v’Or membership.  However, to ensure the long-term viability of the temple, we ask that you please think seriously about your level of support and follow the suggested guidelines to the best of your ability.  Dues, gifts and fees are all fully tax deductible.


Dues are assessed in two parts: the hetzi-shekel (half-shekel) portion, and a portion determined by an income-based sliding scale.

The hetzi-shekel portion ($90 per household) is intended to symbolize the equality of all members in the community, regardless of income. The concept derives from the story told in the book of Exodus that Moses and Aaron collected a half-shekel from each of the Israelites as their first contribution toward building the sanctuary.

The income-based (“fair share”) dues are 1.6% of household income from all sources. The sliding scale dues structure reflects our community’s commitment to justice and fairness.  

Our projected budget depends on most members self-assessing and paying at the 1.6% level. However, if life circumstances affect your ability to pay dues at the target level or at the times indicated, please self-assess at a lower level or adjust the payment schedule as needed. Finances should never be a barrier to Tikkun v’Or membership.

Gifts: The hetzi-shekel and income-based dues (described above) comprise about 66% of our budget. Thus, Tikkun v’Or also relies on nediv lev, which translates as “generosity” or “giving from the heart.” This phrase comes from the book of Exodus where it is told that the Israelites offered materials for building the sanctuary with a “willing heart,” each contributing according to their ability. Nediv lev contributions to Tikkun v’Or account for approximately 15% of yearly revenue and are requested during our annual spring fundraising campaign.

Fees for the Jewish Learning Experiences (JLE) program and b’nei mitzvah program help cover the costs of these programs. If school fees pose a financial hardship, please be in touch with the TVO presidents,  Nomi Talmi and Shawn Murphy, at presidents_20@tikkunvor.org , to make an adjustment. Note that first-year families with students in grades K-5 are given the option of paying a slightly higher school fee that includes temple membership (i.e., if this option is chosen, other temple membership dues are waived for that first year). Please contact our school administrator, Naomi Wilensky (naomi.wilensky@tikkunvor.org), with questions about fees or registration.

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