Adult Education and Programs

Adult Education Courses are offered as often as possible. Check the calendar and upcoming events.

Past programs have included:

*How Many Names Are There? A Conversation about What We Believe, What We Call God, and How We Decide
*Climate Justice
*Solstice, Judaism, and Embracing the Luminous Dark Across Traditions
*This We Believe, This I Believe: Core Ideas and Practices of Judaism
*Jewish Mindfulness and Meditation
*Hearing Both Sides: Israeli and Palestinian Perspectives What Happened in 1948 and Why Does it Matter?

*How to Lead a Friday Night Service
*End of Life Care
*Embracing Judaism as a Spiritual and Ethical Practice for Ourselves & Our Families: Jewish Values
*Embracing Judaism as a Spiritual and Ethical Practice: An Introduction to Jewish Prayer, The Siddur (Jewish prayer book) and the Shabbat Prayer Service
*Personal and Communal Reflections on The Jewish Way in Death and Mourning
*Kabbalah, Hasidism and Us

If you missed the DIALOGUE ON A JUST AND SUSTAINABLE FUTURE FOR ISRAEL / PALESTINE on Sunday, February 20, 2022, the recording is available here.  
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About Jonathan Kuttab <>
About Yehezkel Landau <>
Kuttab’s recently published short book Beyond the Two State Solution can be downloaded for free or ordered in hard copy.
Landau’s article “Can Zionism Be Redeemed?“, published a couple of years ago in Tikkun Magazine
Kuttab interview with Peter Beinart (video)
Landau on “Holistic Peacemaking in Israel/Palestine” (video begins at app. 4:00)
HIDDEN IN FRANCE On Sunday, October 14, 2018, Congregation Tikkun v’Or was pleased to present “Hidden in France,” a program about ordinary people in a small village in Normandy, France, who resisted and saved 30 Jewish children from 1942-1945.  Thanks to Jonathan Plotkin, we have a video recording of their presentation: 
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