Bnai Mitzvah

Congregation Tikkun v’Or is proud to have a dynamic and highly individualized b’nai mitzvah program.

Students in Sunday Religious School classes study Jewish history, Torah, mitzvot (commandments), ethics, rituals, holidays, and Hebrew. In sixth grade, the Wednesday class helps develop Hebrew reading and prayer skills. In seventh grade, students prepare for becoming bnai mitzvah. Prayer, Torah study, and middot (ethical characteristics) are all part of the curriculum.batmitzvah

Our small classes allow for each student and family to choose a bar/bat mitzvah date close to the actual Hebrew birthday, with the themes of the parashot (portions) in mind. About 6 months before the bar/bat mitzvah, students start working individually, learning to chant the Torah parasha and the Haftorah. Most students also prepare to lead many sections of the Friday night and Saturday morning services. Each student studies the meanings and commentaries on the parasha, and writes a d‘var Torah (commentary) of their own.

Students work prepare together in the midweek class and during individual tutoring sessions.

Students of all abilities, with various learning challenges and gifts, are all encouraged to challenge themselves, to take responsibility for their learning, and to use this opportunity to explore their own Jewish identity. Students are encouraged to make the commitment to continue Jewish learning after their bar/bat mitzvah with further study and by becoming madrichim (assistants) at Religious School.

Download our current B’nai Mitzvah Handbook here

Hear about our Tikkun Olam projects in this video.

2019 B’nai Mitzvah: 
March 30 Jay Hirsh, son of Lisa Ellin and Haym Hirsh

April 6 Abe Sachs, son of Christine Evans and Aaron Sachs 

June 8 Samara Schwartz, daughter of Kathy Lacson and Peter Schwartz
June 9 Maren Friedman, daughter of Joan and Josh Friedman
June 15 Ezri Rubenstein-Miller, daughter of Sarah Rubenstein-Gillis and Eric Miller

September 14 Sabrina Gerson, daughter of Henry and Maggie Gerson
October 26 Louis Enns, son of Mellisa and Peter Enns

2020 B’nai Mitzvah
January 25 Leeyam Hadar, son of Mirit Hadar and Ilan Hadar
February 1 Alexandra Elia, daughter of Melanie Lefkowitz and Anthony Elia
May 9 Jonathan Bael, son of Tim Bael and Sandra Thananart