The Board

The Temple Board and Executive Officers are voted into office by congregation members at the annual temple meeting, typically in early June.

The Temple Presidents are leaders of the Temple Board. The Executive Officers oversee the smooth functioning of the temple and board.

2020-2022 Executive Committee:
Co-Presidents:  Nomi Talmi and Shawn Murphy 
Vice President: Laurie Willick and Sue Merkel
Past-Presidents: Lauren Korfine
Scribe: Miranda Phillips   
Treasurer: Carol Shama

2020-2022 Board Members:
At-Large Board Members:  Robin Dubovi and Melissa Enns (interim)
Representatives from the Committees and Workgroups:
     Avodah Committee: Anne Brous and Peter Silberman
     Bereavement Support: Judy Saul
     Building Committee: Anne Brous and Shawn Murphy
     Caring Committee: Carol Shama
     Finance Committee: Ira Brous and Doug Stayman
     Israel/Palestine Committee: Lois Levitan
     Jewish Education Committee: Alita Howard
     Program Committee: TBD*
     Racial Justice /Jews Confronting White Supremacy: Michael Margolin
    Welcoming Committee: Lois Levitan

*To propose a program or co-sponsorship of an event, please check here.

Nominating Workgroup for 2022: Annie Wexler, Joan Friedman and Shira Reisman


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