Small Sparks

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Small Sparks is a creative programming initiative aimed at inspiring a broad range of people in the TvO community to participate in informal activities that build on a pleasure, passion or interest of theirs to bring people together. Yes, we need to keep careful physical distancing at this time but we do NOT want social distancing. On the contrary, we want to build community as much as possible and help avoid isolation, even as we remain careful about safety.

Dates and times will be announced in the newsletter, along with information as to whether they will be in-person or virtual.

Do you have a Small Sparks idea?
If you have questions or the kernel of an idea of some way you might be able to create a Small Spark at TvO out of one of your pleasures, passions or interests, please contact Jeff Bercuvitz at

Here are some past Small Sparks:

“A Single Step” Lara and Dalia welcomed families with b’nai mitzvah aged kids to join them for a walk in the Dryden/Ithaca area, during which people will share stories of journeys they have taken. 

Savoring Marge Piercy, with Martha Armstrong Come get more familiar with Marge Piercy’s poetry and spend some time writing poetry together. 

“Kosher Pixelswith Chris Xenakis Chris is inviting interested TvO members and friends to take a picture (or take several pictures; even cell phone snapshots are fine!) and share them with one another on Zoom. 

Jew-bilation with Jeff Bercuvitz  Share a story of a Jewish experience you’ve had (or a Jewish poem or song) that really inspired you in some way. 

Torah Tuesday with Carol Shama We will look at the Torah text in English and different commentaries, and then share our own reflections on the text.  

Apple Spirits and Awakened Hearts with Tony Gaenslen and Fran Markover
Tony and Fran will be reading from their recently published works: The Miracle of an Awakened Heart and Grandfather’s Mandolin

“Write On!” with Annie Wexler This will be a group for people to get together to write and share and have fun. We will learn simple techniques and learn how to silence the “inner critic“ so our thoughts can flow without self judgment. 

Stories That Zoom Led by Bruce McKee and Jonathan (JP) Plotkin 

 “Out There” with Martha Armstrong, Shane, and Jeff Bercuvitz, Sharing our visions for TvO’s space, especially our 4 acres of land.

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