Tribute Cards

Tikkun v’Or Tribute Cards are an easy way to acknowledge lifecycle events (simchas, yahrzeits, memorials, expressions of appreciation and thanks), while reinforcing our community connections, and supporting our financial needs. Each card sent is a donation to our synagogue.
We offer two different ways of sending a tribute card (Tikkun v’Or members and nonmembers):
(1) For a donation of $18 or more, you can request that an individual card be sent. All you have to do is provide the information (see directions below) and the rest is taken care of for you;
(2) For a donation of $100 or more, you can purchase an “EZ Tribute” package of 10 cards. You keep the blank cards, fill them out and mail them as you wish.

How to send an individual card:
Contact Sherry Burford with all the requisite information (who is sending the card, to whom, for what reason, and the amount of your donation – minimum of $18). Your card will be sent, and the office will bill you for the amount of your contribution. An announcement of your Tribute will be posted in the e-news and in our bimonthly newsletter.

How to purchase “EZ Tributes” bulk package of ten:
To offer both convenience and value, Tribute Cards are available in “EZ Tribute” bulk packages of 10 for the discounted price of $100. You keep the cards at your fingertips in a safe place at home or office, and send them whenever you want. All you have to do when you send a card is email for an announcement in the e news and the bimonthly newsletter.

To purchase either an individual Tribute or the “EZ Tribute” pack of 10 cards, contact Sherry Burford.
You can also make a general donation to Congregation Tikkun v’Or at any time.

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