End of Life

Congregation Tikkun v’Or’s Bereavement Support Group was formed to help congregants with issues surrounding death and dying, including offering information on Jewish ritual and local resources. We are available to assist families when a loved is dying or has just died.
We are also a resource for those who want to discuss or learn more about Jewish practices for death and mourning. The group can be reached at: BereavementSupport@tikkunvor.org.
IF A LOVED ONE HAS DIED, we want to assist you as quickly as possible.
Please use the following procedure:
• Email: naomi.wilensky@tikkunvor.org
• Call the temple office (607) 256-1471
• You may email the Bereavement Support Group at: BereavementSupport@tikkunvor.org
Someone will get back to you within a few hours.

We have recently put together a document titled Jewish Practices and Rituals for Death and Mourning.
We have compiled this guide with the kavana, or holy intention, of helping members of our community with the process of death and mourning. We hope it can help individuals consider how they wish to approach this aspect of their own lives and how they would like to honor loved ones when they die.