High Holidays


All are welcome at Congregation Tikkun V’Or’s Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur services. Membership and tickets are never required. 

The 2021/5782 High Holidays Guide  is here. Services will be led by Rabbi Shifrah Tobacman. Our High Holiday machzor (prayerbook) is available here.

Please also know that we depend on High Holiday donations to pay for our expenses.  We ask that you contribute if you are comfortably able.


A highlight of our Yom Kippur services has been the Isaiah Challenge, a lecture by a social justice leader who is devoting their life to justice. In the prophetic portion (haftarah) that is read on Yom Kippur, Isaiah calls on us to make our fast a fast for justice: “to feed the hungry, clothe the naked and let the oppressed go free.”
Our Isaiah Challenge speaker for 2021/5781 is Christa Núñez , founder and director at The Learning Farm. and its non-profit sister organization Khuba International. Christa possesses 12 years of experience in nature and garden-based, equity-focused education. For the past 3 years, she has operated a Summer Camp at the Learning Farm, as well as an Afterschool and Outdoor School program during the school year.
Through Khuba International, Christa has implemented community and school garden programs in rural California for food insecure communities, supported garden and forest-based education for an orphanage in Haiti. She currently spearheads a literacy initiative called Ubuntu Library that centers narratives of people of color and directs a food justice-focused program for youth and family farming education. She leads the implementation of the Equitable and Edible Farm School curriculum at the Ithaca City School district. Her work centers around equity, particularly for BIPOC youth and families. Through both her for and non-profit organizations, as well as with community organizations such as the Finger Lakes Land Access Reparations and Reconciliation Working Group, Christa prioritizes increasing equitable access to food, land, and nature for youth and families.
Christa will be sharing some thoughts from Isaiah about service and the relationship of obedience and grace as it informs the steps of the faithful.
Isaiah Challenge speakers:
*2020/5781:  Amplifying Kirby Edmond’s Legacy: Kirby Edmonds, a local champion of social justice, passed away on August 22, 2020.  To quote his obituary:  “Kirby was a mighty river that flowed through our community and far beyond, watering the positive seeds of possibility.” Laura Branca, Kristian Davis Bailey, Taili Mugambee, Elan Shapiro, and Roberta Wallit shared how profoundly Kirby touched their lives and how we can continue his vision.
*2019/5780: The response of faith communities to the moral crisis in the United States: A conversation with local Christian, Muslim and Jewish religious leaders. 
Reverend David Kaden, Senior Minister, First Congregational Church of Ithaca
Mahmud Burton, President, Al-Huda Islamic Center; Co-founder, Islamic Community Outreach Services
Reverend Debbie Bennett Reynolds, Pastor, First Baptist Church
Rabbi Brian Walt, Congregation Tikkun v’Or, moderator
*2018/5779 Dr. Nia Michelle Nunn, Assistant Professor in the Department of Education at Ithaca College and Board of Directors President of Southside Community Center.
* 2017 / 5778 Onondaga Nation leaders Simone Thornton and Wendy Gonyea and students of the Onondaga Nation School
* 2016 / 5777 Adam Ellick, Senior International Video Correspondent for The New York Times.
* 2015 / 5776 Dara Silverman, national coordinator for Showing Up for Racial Justice 
* 2014 / 5775 Dr. Paula Ioanide, assistant professor in the Center for the Study of Culture, Race, and Ethnicity at Ithaca College
* 2013 / 5774 Marcia Fort, former executive director of the Greater Ithaca Activities Center
* 2012 / 5773 Cal Walker, co-founder and former executive director of the Village at Ithaca

On Friday, August 21, 2020, Rabbi Lenore Bohm led us in exploring themes in the week’s Torah portion, Shoftim, as spiritual preparation for the holidays. She shared with us these questions.

Sermons from Rabbi Brian Walt:
White and Jewish” Rosh Hashanah  September 2019 / 5780
“Havaya (Being) and Rachamim (Compassion): Living with What Is” Kol Nidre, October 2019 / 5780
Treasured People (Am Segula)/Beloved Community Yom Kippur, October 2019 / 5780
Spirit, Justice, and Ethnicity” Yom Kippur sermon September 2018 / 5779
Among the Mourners of Zion and Jerusalem” Yom Kippur evening sermon, September 2018 / 5779
Hesed v’Emet (Love&Truth)” Rosh Hashanah evening sermon, September 2018/5779
“Lift Up Your Voice Like a Shofar” Rosh Hashanah sermon September 2018 / 5779 
“On Antisemitism and Solidarity”  Yom Kippur Sermon September 2017 / 5778   
Where Have You Come From? Where Are You Going?  Rosh Hashanah Sermon  2009 / 5770

Our community Break-the-Fast is always a special event.
We welcome children (and their caregivers) to services at Tikkun v’Or!
Children learn about Jewish community and worship services by participating. At Tikkun v’Or, we believe it is the joy, privilege, and responsibility of every person in our community to guide and nurture our children. Please join us in teaching our children our community’s values.
More information for families with young children is available here.
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