We invite you to join us at Congregation Tikkun V’Or throughout the year as we celebrate many holidays together. Celebrations include:

    • The High Holidays: Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur – services, meditation, and discussions
    • Community building of the Sukkah, and a festive lunch
    • Dancing with the Torah on Simchat Torah
    • Family Chanukah party with hundreds of homemade latkes
    • Tu B’Shevat seder
    • Purim noise, laughter and mayhem at a Purim carnival and Purim Comedy Night
    • Our popular Community Passover Seder  In March 2020 we held a Freedom Seder. Readings from that program are below.
    • Studying together on Shavuot 

    Chag Sameach (happy holiday!) We hope to see you at our next gathering!

    Seder Readings
    *From “The Plagues of Exodus and Today: Facing Our Plagues in an Earth Healing Activist Seder” by Arthur Waskow and Faryn Borella
    *The Poor People’s Campaign website is here.
    *Notes from the chat.

  • Jewish Holidays – Dates, Recipes & Meanings
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