Social Action

Social Action at Congregation Tikkun v’Or takes places in many ways. Many of our members are committeed to tikkun olam (repair of the world). Several of our commitees and workgroups specifically address social action and social justice in our community and in the world.

Current committees include Action Against Hunger, Environmental Sustainability, Israel/Palestine, and Racial Justice. There are also Tikkun v’Or groups working with Ithaca Welcomes Refugees and Islamic Community Outreach Services.

We are a congregation of multiple views. We treasure the richness, diversity and complexity our community has to offer. While no one statement, event, or print material created by an individual congregant or congregation work group represents endorsement by all members of the congregation, we are committed to respectful dialogue and support the multiplicity of opinions that come with an open and diverse congregation.

Aleinu: What Congregation Tikkun v’Or Stands For        A Statement from the TVO Board January 29, 2017