Israel / Palestine

 – Deepen our community’s understanding of the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
 – Provide a space for rich discussion about strategies for social justice in the Middle East.
 – Explore our ethical responsibilities as Jews, Americans and/or Israelis.
 – Open new avenues for moving forward in our commitments to social justice in this region.

The Congregation Tikkun v’Or Israel-Palestine Social Justice Committee organizes and supports educational events about the Middle East conflict for members of the temple and broader community.
We believe that working for social justice is a core Jewish value, directly called for in Jewish text, and seen throughout Jewish history.
We proudly claim that the call for social justice has a rightful place in a spiritual community. Such work can and must include speaking out against the oppression of all peoples. Even when the oppressor is a Jew, or a Jewish nation state, we must uphold the call for justice.

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