Tu Bshvat: Climate Justice Initiative

05 Feb @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm

TU B’SHVEVAT: Celebrating the Trees and Moving Towards Climate Justice 

 In person at Tikkun V’Or

The TVO Climate Justice Council invites all members, young and old, to this very special Tu B’shevat seder. We’ll meld song, blessings, art, and climate justice activism into our ritual, as we move through the four kabbalistic “worlds” together. Each world is associated with a particular natural element (earth, water, air, fire), and aspect of Life (physical, emotional, intellectual / knowing, spiritual). This rich ceremonial structure resonates as we engage in climate justice individually, congregationally, societally, and globally. We’ll envision how to work with the land at TVO. We’ll learn about and engage in action steps we can take together to help reduce carbon emissions, and to support front line communities most impacted by climate change.  And we’ll eat special delicious fruits associated with this earthy holiday. It’s going to be a wonderful seder. See you there!