Shabbat Morning

14 Jan @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

With Rabbi Shifrah, musical spiritual leader Lauren Korfine, and Torah chanters Richard Rosenfeld and Lise Rosenfeld.

Parshah: Shemot

“The place you’re standing on is holy ground,” YHVH said to Moses as he stood before the burning bush. When we gather together in song and prayer, the ground on which we stand is indeed holy. This Shabbat we’ll read these lines from Torah, as well as the ones in which God reveals God’s self as “ehyeh asher ehyeh – I will be what I will be.” This radical notion of God-as-process reminds us that we are in process, too, and can be in process together. Join us this Shabbat as we create sacred space with song and prayer, and engage in an exploration of holy ground.

Vav/Zayin students are especially invited to come in person to Shabbat services with Rabbi Shifrah, as we begin the bmitzvah “season” soon.

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